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Paypal Currency Enabler (PCE)

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Quick Overview

This great module will enable AND FULLY SUPPORT every currency from PayPal in any PayPal Payment method!

Paypal Currency Enabler (PCE)

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Any PayPal Method with Any Currency to Any Store!

This extension is specially developed for Magento online stores, which use PayPal as a payment method. This module will make available on your store every Supported currency from PayPal, but not only this; all the currency will be available for every PayPal Payment method! PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro. You can now use the system more convenient for you and offer to your client all the supported currencies!

How It Works:

Differently from other PayPal commercial extension, Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler (PCE) do not bypass the Main Core PayPal Module, but rewrite and optimize its functionality for a REAL multi-currency capability.

Try the Demo!

This extension module is also installed on our website, please feel free to try its features.
Simply choose any currency you would like to test from our website and click on "PayPal Express Checkout" for see how it works!


  • 1. Compatible with any Base Currency.
    Your base currency is not supported by PayPal so you are not able to use this payment method?
    No problem! With PayPal Currency Enabler it doesn't matter if your base currency is supported or not by PayPal, you can freely enable PayPal using any Base currency and allow your customer to make Payments on any supported currencies by PayPal.

  • 2. All PayPal Method Supported.
    Other commercial extension will exclusively enable the multi-currency only for PayPal Standard; differently with Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler you can now choose the PayPal Payment Method which is best for you and your precious clients! PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Pro are now fully available for you!

  • 3. Real Magento Core integration.
    The Magento Core PayPal Module is really well developed and structured. The core module, before sending all the order and client information to PayPal for process the payment, checks every possible error on the order, such as integrity of the prices, compatibility of the currency, integrity of totals, client data, and many other validations. This in order to be certain that all the information are absolutely correct before establish a communication with PayPal. There is only one problem it does it only on the store base currency.
    Others PayPal module Commercial extension, will totally by-pass these controls, completely losing the integrity of the system. All these extensions let the core PayPal module to do all the validations on the base currency, then right before sending the information to PayPal the information are replaced with the vales on the current currency, therefore there is no validation of integrity on any of the new values.
    Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler will instead rewrite and optimize the full PayPal Process, All the controls and validations are made directly on the selected currency, then sent to PayPal. This is very important since all prices validation has always to be made on the transaction currency. Moreover, the full potentiality of the core module will keep its integrity granting the accurate stability of the module.
    Now, with Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler, you and your clients will always have a reliable and stable module, with all the currencies and methods available!

  • 4. Transfer Cart Line Items fully operative.
    Other commercial extension, by overriding the validation process, will encounter a difficulty based on the rounding of the prices of the current currency use. Some of these commercial extensions overpass this problem by totally disabling the "Transfer Cart Line Items" function, other commercial extension overpass the problem with "workarounds" which will result on having, on the best case scenario, the quantity for the line item set to 1 and the price of the product replaced with the subtotal for the line Item.
    Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler keeps the total integrity of the core module allowing a total and reliable stability of the "Transfer Cart Line Items" function.
    Now, with Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler, you and your clients will never lose the great commodity of "Transfer Cart Line Items"!

  • 5. No more double shipping charge and random errors.
    Another common problem occurred by overriding the controls and validation of PayPal core module, is the Shipping be wrongly quoted, double charged or missing. This because the shipping price is strictly handled by the validation process, in occurrence of an inaccuracy with the prices the Core may exclude the shipping to be treated as a line item and be integrated as "Shipping", or vice versa. If the validation process is by-passed the shipping may be charge double, or wrongly converted or may be not recognized at all.
    Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler keeps always the total integrity of the core module, therefore is not possible to encounter such problem, simply because, if such an error is generated, it will not pass the core validation; therefore the Payment will not be processed.
    Now, with Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler, you can finally sit back and relax without the worry of having your client complaining for double or wrong charges, or spending your precious time to check every single order for be sure that the correct shipping charges are paid.

  • 6. Easy to use.
    Yet, another problem generated by by-passing the Core PayPal Module, is that you will need a lot of variable and options to be set on the backend of your store for limit at minimum the generation of errors, which it will not exclude the possible generation of errors.
    Other commercial extension will therefore need a control panel on the backend of your store with a lot of variable, options and worries to be checked and set. If these options and variables are not set correctly may result on the module not working properly, making you losing a lot of time and resources for wait for support or for resolve the problem on your own.
    Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler do not modify or corrupt the integrity of PayPal Core Module, therefore there is no need of any setting or control panel, simply because all the control are already made by the PayPal Core Module.
    Now, with Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler, you can simply install the module and start producing immediately without any delay or expenses.

  • 7. No tweaks, fine tuning or update required!
    Many commercial extensions require a lot of configuration and setting often with also a strict syntax, remember to use a space between the words, remember to put the ";" etc. This often ends up as an extension difficult to set up and to managed, with a great probability of errors from mistype or inaccuracy.
    Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler do not require any setting or any modification, you need only to install it. Once the installation is done Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler is ready and enable for you to use it right away!

  • 8. Automatic Currencies Range Update.
    Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler makes immediately available for you every currency supported by PayPal. If PayPal updates their currencies range then also your shop will automatically reflect the update without you doing nothing!
    You don't need to inform the module which currency are available from PayPal, or which use decimal rates or not. Everything is fully automated and most importantly LIGHT & FAST!

  • 9. NO PHP Encoders.
    All our solution are ABSOLUTELY PHP encoding FREE! This for granting you a solution which will never require additional resource from your server, such as loader or decoder, which may drastically reduce your store performance. All our extensions will allow you, if necessary, to further improve or modify the code to better suit your store and clients needs. Naturally if you have the necessity to apply personalization to the code, but you don't posses the necessary knowledge you can freely contact us. directly for an estimate.

These are just some of the great advantages offer by this module, so why lose time and resources with other extensions? With Arcanum Dev. PayPal Currency Enabler you will simply have all the functionality and integrity of the Core module with the integration of every PayPal allowed currencies!

Arcanum Dev.

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Additional Information

Extension Type Checkout, Shopping Cart
Magento Platform Community
Compatible Magento Version 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
Release Notes

Release extension: Ver.

Not Compatible with Magento CE version prior 1.4.

Installation Notes

Once the Payment is confirmed you can freely download your extension directly from the order review page, or from your account.
Please remember that the Download of the file is limited according to the Licence selected.

Installation Procedure:
Standard Package:
For a manual Installation simply Copy files from the compressed file to your Magento Directory.
Once you finish coping the file the module is already active on your store.
If your Cache Management is enable, please remember to clear it by clicking the button "Flush Magento Cache" in Admin->System->Cache Management then refresh the page from your browser.

Magento Connect 2.0 Package:
For Install the package simply log in into your magento connect in Admin->System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager and follow the following steps:
1. Insert your Username and Password
2. On "Direct package file upload" click the button "Browse..."
3. Select the file you downloaded and confirm
4. The click the orange button "Upload"
5. Magento Connect will now install the extension for you, when the installation is done click the Orange button "Refresh" below the console Log.
6. Your extension is now installed and ready for be used.

For Magento Installation with unsupported Base Currency:
In order to enable the Base Core PayPal module in any Magento Installation with unsupported currency, the unsupported currency needs to be added to PayPal Core supported list. Please feel free to contact us for free advise on the procedure.

Before installing any extension, also ours, it is a safe rule to always make a backup of your website and Database.
If you are using the compilation and you cache is enable it is STRONGLY recommended to disable the Compilation and the Cache BEFORE installing an extension.
Once compilation and cache are disabled you can install the extension manually or via Magento Connect.
When the Installation process is done log out from your admin panel and log in again, check the integrity of the installed extension and ONLY THEN enable again your cache, refresh it and re-compile your compilation, after the compilation process is done the compilation will be enabled automatically.
Our extensions, like the majority of commercial extensions, are stable release and fully tested. However we are not responsible for any incorrect installation or lack of care on following the correct procedure.
If you are uncertain on the correct way to install the extension, please select the professional installation on the product option.