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Japan Post Shipping (JPS)

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Quick Overview

This extension is specially developed for Magento online stores, which use Japan Post as shipment carrier. This module will make available on your store every shipping method from Japan Post for International and local shipping.

Japan Post Shipping (JPS)

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The Only Fully Operative Magento extension for Japan Post!

This extension is specially developed for Magento online stores, which use Japan Post as shipment carrier. This module will make available on your store every shipping method from Japan Post for International and local shipping. EMS, SAL, Airmail, Surface Mail and Yu-Pack are now totally available for you!
The extension feature also a great variety of "optional" settings in the back-end of your store for totally personalize your rates in order to fully reflect your company needs and policies.
But much more is included!
Bounded together with the unique Japan Post Shipping module, another very powerful and unique extension is ready to please you, your store and your customers. The exclusive Arcanum Dev's Order consolidation engine!.
You will never have to worry again about wrong quotes. Has your client paid the full shipping? Is your client complaining for shipping cost too high? Are you tired to always contact your clients for an adjustment on the shipping cost paid? For all this questions there is now a solution. Arcanum Dev. Japan Post shipping Module with consolidation engine.

How It Works:

The shipping module will enable to your store every shipping methods from Japan Post, international and local. All the rates have been fully analyzed directly with Japan Post and integrated in the module for every country of the world. Every single country specific option or limitation is taken in consideration for guaranty the absolute reliability of the system.
The Consolidation engine will consider and analyze every type of product lines and its quantity for the full cart, and then will generate the correct global carts packing dimensions. The output of the engine cover all the popular specific dimension requirement such as volumetric weight, L+H+W, circumferential volume and much more.

Try the Demo!

This extension module is also installed on our website, please feel free to try its features. You can simply add to the shopping cart our demo product, then from the shopping cart you can freely try the unlimited combination of country weight and dimension with the shipping quote tool.

Custom Design Compatible!*

All our Magento Extension are custom Design Compatible!
Please check the picture and see how our extension find their right balance according to your specific store design!
* Only compatible with Extension design properly made, therefore extension design compatible with the standard structure for the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

Main Features:

  • 1. All Japan Post service available.
    On Arcanum Dev. Japan Post Shipping you have access to all the popular shipping methods from Japan Post. EMS Express Mail, SAL Air Economy, Airmail, Surface Mail and the local Yu-Pack.
  • 2. Arcanum Dev. Consolidation Engine Included!
    How many times you did have the need for have an accurate shipping consolidation? This is a common problem, but now solved with Arcanum dev. Consolidation Engine.
    Arcanum dev. Consolidation Engine will take in consideration all the product lines on the shopping cart and their quantity and create a global volumetric quotation for the shipping; therefore you can finally have all the accurate parameters for charge the shipping.
    This great engine will recognize and treat differently every groups of product before doing the consolidation based on product dimension and typology.
    Shipping carrier and shipping methods may all use different types of measurements for quote the shipping cost, Order Weight, Order Base volume (L+W+H), Circumferential volume (L + [(W+H)*2]) and Volumetric Volume [(L*W*H)/6000].
    All these types of measurements are available from the consolidation engine ready for be used by the shipping method for generate the quote.
    This mighty and wonderful engine does not require any setting, all parameters necessary for quote your shipping are already included!
  • 3. Versatility of customization.
    Arcanum Dev. Japan Post shipping offer available on your store back-end several setting for personalize your rates.
    Each Shipping methods can be personalized in a unique way, or share the setting with the other methods. Settings include:
    - Weight Limitation
    - Dimension Limitation
    - Additional cost charges settings (Cost the additional options feature from Japan Post such as Insurance)
    - Parameters for calculation Additional cost (set how the additional charges/option has to be calculated)
    - Additional cost from store (a free field is also available for add to each service an additional charging fee, based on your personal needs)
    - Shipping Method Selection (each service can individually be enable and disable)
    - Custom Labels (each label for shipping method and for the carrier can be customize as you please, also for each store view)
    And even more:
    - Special Price settings!
    Use the special rates from Japan post at your total advantage! You can enable, disable and configure the special prices in the way most ideal for your store.
  • 4. Store based Rates.
    Other commercial modules for EMS shipping will parse the rates information directly from the Japan Post website, but this is a very unstable and dangerous way to base the quote for your client, this because every time the Japan Post website, change its rates, the module will not work properly anymore, or if the Japan Post website is under maintenance then also your shop will be unable to get the rates.
    Arcanum Dev. Japan Post Shipping, differently, process all rates, and calculation internally therefore you never have to worry about missing information!
    Japan Post rate and limitation, even if do not look like at first sight, have very unique ways to deal for each country. Size limitation, Weight Limitation, Service limitation etc.
    All these information have been already totally processed and analyzed then, integrated into the module. This for every country supported by Japan Post (which are the 98% of available countries in Magento). Therefore with Arcanum Dev. Japan Post Shipping module your shop will always show quotes results, and only the results 100% compatible with the selected country.
  • 5. NO PHP Encoders.
    All our solution are ABSOLUTELY PHP encoding FREE! This for granting you a solution which will never require additional resource from your server, such as loader or decoder, which may drastically reduce your store performance. All our extensions will allow you, if necessary, to further improve or modify the code to better suit your store and clients needs. Naturally if you have the necessity to apply personalization to the code, but you don't posses the necessary knowledge you can freely contact us. directly for an estimate.


These are just a few of the great advantages offer by this extension, so why lose time and resources waiting and apologizing with clients? With Arcanum Dev. Japan Post Shipping you can now offer with total reliability all Japan Post methods to all your clients around the globe!

Arcanum Dev.

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Additional Information

Extension Type Shipping
Magento Platform Community
Compatible Magento Version 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
Release Notes

Extensione Release: Ver.

Not Compatible with Magento CE version prior 1.4.

This extension is specific for the Japanese market therefore a JPY Base Currency is required (all Japan Post Price List are in JPY).
Personalizations of the extension are available for different base currency. Please contact us for details.

Installation Notes

Once the Payment is confirmed you can freely download your extension directly from the order review page, or from your account.
Please remember that the Download of the file is limited according to the Licence selected.

Installation Procedure:
Standard Package:
For a manual Installation simply Copy files from the compressed file to your Magento Directory.
Once you finish coping the file the module is already active on your store.
If your Cache Management is enable, please remember to clear it by clicking the button "Flush Magento Cache" in Admin->System->Cache Management then refresh the page from your browser.

Magento Connect 2.0 Package:
For Install the package simply log in into your magento connect in Admin->System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager and follow the following steps:
1. Insert your Username and Password
2. On "Direct package file upload" click the button "Browse..."
3. Select the file you downloaded and confirm
4. The click the orange button "Upload"
5. Magento Connect will now install the extension for you, when the installation is done click the Orange button "Refresh" below the console Log.
6. Your extension is now installed and ready for be used.

The Extension will need 3 additional attributes to your products for the calculation of the dimension of the cart.
These attributes will not be added automatically by the installation process, this for allow to use attributes already present on your store or to create different ones.
Each product has to have the following Attributes:
- Package Depth (mm)
- Package Height (mm)
- Package Width (mm)

Please add the attribute one the installation is done. If the attributes and the values are not correctly added to your products then the shipping and consolidation will not function.

The mandatory parameters for the attributes to be add are the following:
Attribute Code: pkg_depth
Values Required: Yes
Input Validation for Store Owner: Integer Number

Attribute Code: pkg_height
Values Required: Yes
Input Validation for Store Owner: Integer Number

Attribute Code: pkg_width
Values Required: Yes
Input Validation for Store Owner: Integer Number

Before installing any extension, also ours, it is a safe rule to always make a backup of your website and Database.
If you are using the compilation and you cache is enable it is STRONGLY recommended to disable the Compilation and the Cache BEFORE installing an extension.
Once compilation and cache are disabled you can install the extension manually or via Magento Connect.
When the Installation process is done log out from your admin panel and log in again, check the integrity of the installed extension and ONLY THEN enable again your cache, refresh it and re-compile your compilation, after the compilation process is done the compilation will be enabled automatically.
Our extensions, like the majority of commercial extensions, are stable release and fully tested. However we are not responsible for any incorrect installation or lack of care on following the correct procedure.
If you are uncertain on the correct way to install the extension, please select the professional installation on the product option.